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In keeping with the tradition set by our parent page, Margarita Corner has created a ranking system to bring reviews which are as objective as possible. Do understand that given the post-review BAC of our contributors, things like hot Latino bartenders, amazingly cheesy decorations, and mariachi bands often impede subjective beverage ratings. We’ll try to note these where applicable, and hope they only serve to contribute to your margarita experience expectations.

Alcohol content: refers to both the percent-by-volume alcohol content of the rita AND the effectiveness of the alcohol in contributing to the flavor of the drink.

Flavor: refers to overall flavor of the rita. Is it creative? Classic? Too sugary, too sour?

Size: should be self-explanatory, may also consider ice/fruit content detracting from the “heart” of the marg.

Price: was it worth it?

Overall: Takes a GPA of the above categories and provides a one-liner summary of the review, for people who don’t like to read much.

Marg rating: out of five, because I like pictures. For example, a “B” overall would get 4 margaritas, with a convenient little grayed-out margarita so that even in your drunkest stupor, you know how many margs the score is out of 🙂


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  1. December 16, 2009 11:17 pm


    I demand that you keep this site going. I know you haven’t stopped drinking margs (and if you have, I am killing myself) and therefore DEMAND that you write some reviews and keep this beauty of a site going. I mean, NO Border review? I’m shocked, appalled, and other bad things.


    • Smasharita permalink*
      December 19, 2009 6:37 pm


      I got out of this horrendous semester less than 24 hours ago. I’m going out this very evening with La Madre, my spiritual guide through all things tequila-based. We shall sample the agave from many a cactus, seeking new meaning in the flavors of this, natures most mind-enlightening (or something) of beverages. To you, dear friend, I must say, steady thine caballos–and ye shall be rewarded. And stuff. So much stuff!


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