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¡Olé Mole!

May 25, 2010

Ole's Spicy Mango Margarita

Remember your first shot of tequila? How you tried to swig it like a badass and ended up turning crimson red and coughing for several minutes? It was a special time–you became a true Mexican. You can now relive that feeling, thanks to Olé’s knock-your-socks-off Spicy Mango Margarita. In the spirit of learning the ways of the Mexican, before making my margarita selection, I asked, “how spicy is spicy?” The waitress smirked and asked if I’d heard of habanero sauce. I knew this was the margarita for me. I don’t remember much lending to the “mango” portion of the title, but I liked the follow-through with the spicy. It lost a little respect for the price tag… eleven bucks for a concoction that could have been crafted from a $6.50 margarita and the provided table condiments at Border.

Ole's Bella Rita

For my Designated Driver’s order, we tried the Bella Rita marg. We didn’t notice it was frozen–the ultimate insult to a tequila. (Like tequila doesn’t render one with enough of a headache, now we need an ice cream headache?) Still, besides its cardinal sin, it was quite tasty and a needed refreshment after the Spicy Mango.

Besides these two margaritas, Olé boasts 7 other specialty margaritas, not to mention a teq list of roughly 50 members and 7 different flights offerings. (And, I know this isn’t a guac-ranking blog, but the table-side guacamole is a fresh show worth its hefty price tag.) For being an inspirational beacon of tequila sustenance, I tip my sombrero to Olé and look forward to re-patronizing them as soon as I can afford to.

Rated: Spicy Mango–Herradura Blanco, Patron Citronage, Mango puree, hint of Habanero. $10

Rated: Bella Rita–Hibiscus Marganta, Herradura Blanco, served frozen. $10

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