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The Man Who’s Havering to You

May 24, 2010

It takes a very special margarita to reduce this tequila connoisseur to rocking back and forth in the margarita corner. But my hat goes off to Krueger of Haverhill, which has accomplished just that. At first sight of their margarita list (that’s right, 13 SPECIALTY margas, plus a house marg on their separate Specialty Drinks list), it was obvious that this was a very special place. I’m not exactly one for fruity ‘ritas, as it tends to cover the treasure of tequila underneath. When the raspberry margarita was suggested and served to me, in fact, I instantly decided I don’t like raspberries. I don’t remember how lunch was (Krueger specializes in flat bread pizza), but my designated driver later recalled to me that by the middle of the beverage, it went from mediocre to the best marg I’d ever had. That sort of rank-manipulation can only be caused by date rape drugs and extremely potent margaritas. Guys, I only had ONE.

Rated: Raspberry Margarita–tequila, Triple Sec, Chambord, sour mix, orange juice. $8

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